#1 Football Throw in The World - Technique That Will Make you a Leading Quarterback

Who doesn't love throwing passes? Who doesn't enjoy watching quarterbacks throw spirals through the air to an open receiver with perfect accuracy? What most fans don't realize is that the majority of great quarterbacks have very different throwing mechanics than they've seen on TV. Most quarterbacks, whether male or female, use the same technique when throwing a football. The problem with this common throwing technique is the fact that it does not promote great accuracy or power, especially when compared to other techniques.

What is a Quarterback Throw?

The quarterback throw is a technique that allows the player to throw an object in a straight line for as long as possible. It can be used to throw objects at other players and thus damage them and knock them out, or simply for fun because you can do cool stuff with it.

Best Quarterback Throws

It is difficult to pick the best quarterback throw so we've compiled a list of 13 throws, some might be more practical than others, but all are great examples of throwing technique.

1 . Paper Football Throw: Great for Beginning Quarterbacks

This throw is probably the most common among people just starting out in football and it can certainly be useful when you're playing with friends. This is a great throw for kids just learning because it doesn't require much effort, even if the flight path of the paper football is not very accurate.

To perform this throw, simply hold the ball in your hand and use your index finger to push one of the ends so that the pointy edge faces forward (towards the end zone). Of course you can model your throw after NFL quarterbacks like Tim Tebow, but perhaps this throw isn't practical when Mother Nature doesn't cooperate.

2 . Modified Paper Football Throw: Very Little Effort Required

This type of paper football throw is very similar to the first one in how it is performed. The main difference is that the momentum of your arm does not allow for much control over how far the paper football goes. If you are playing with friends indoors, this might be a good throw to use because hardly any effort is required and it will still go pretty far...

To perform this throw simply hold the ball in your hand again but now rotate it so that the open edge of the paper football faces forward. Then throw it against a wall or something similar and let go so that it goes spinning towards your target...

3 . Two-Hand Paper Football Throw: Good for Lazy People Too!

If you ever get frustrated with throwing paper footballs because they just won't fly very far, this is a great throw for you. Not only does it increase the distance of tosses, but it also makes them more accurate and much easier to control...

To perform this type of throw you must hold the paper football against your palm with both hands. Then turn your arm towards the end zone as if you were going to make a real throw, but don't release it just yet. Instead push your arm forward a little bit and the paper football will spin forward going much further than any of the previous throws. If you're still having trouble with this technique then try standing a few feet closer to the end zone or even inside of it...

4 . Standard Quarterback Throw: The Common Technique

If you think throwing a football is all about making a perfect spiral, then you have been watching too many TV commercials. While making a perfect spiral will help the ball go far and straight, there are a few other things that come into play when it comes to real-life players...

To perform the standard quarterback throw you must stand in a comfortable position. You can place your feet close together or further apart depending on the specific throw you are about to perform, but when it comes time to actually make the throw simply use one arm at a time (the right arm for right-handed players and vice versa).

The Benefits of Practicing Quarterback Throws?

The bottom line is that if you are serious about being a competitive football player then you should practice throwing the ball on a regular basis. It will not only improve your accuracy, but it will also increase your strength and speed so that you can outplay your opponent at every chance.