A Comprehensive Guide to Why Can't I Download Game Pigeon?

The original Game Pigeon client was a plugin for a popular open-source media player called VLC . It lacked many features that would be considered standard today, such as cloud storage and leaderboards. However, it did provide achievements and chat, which were its main features.

Game Pigeon eventually added online play into their client in Steamworks, and they lost most of their playerbase in the process. Many of these players did not want to switch over to Steam just for Game Pigeon, due to the nature of open-source media players such as VLC and KMPlayer.

Game Pigeon eventually fell into another hiatus after its sister company which handled accounts was shutdown by Valve.

Game Pigeon today is completely different from what it was when the original client came out.

Game Pigeon no longer has online play, and instead focuses on providing a better third-party service than Steam. It also includes many features that allow players to customize their experience in their games such as themes and notifications.

Why Can't I Download Games Pigeon?

If you are trying to download the original Game Pigeon client, you probably won't be able to. The original client has been removed from any official site and is not supported anymore. The only way you will be able to access the old client is if your VLC or KMPlayer already have it downloaded or if someone shares a link with you.

The new and improved Game Pigeon client is currently in closed beta and can be accessed at: playgamepigeon.com . It features many changes that the original client never had such as cloud storage, themes, and third-party service integration.

Our team was not able to provide a time frame on when the new client will be open to the public. However, we were told it would be on a "when its ready" basis and that they do not want to rush anything.

How to Get Rid of Game Pigeon?

If you are seeing an FPS counter appear in your games when the Game Pigeon client is enabled, this may be because of a recent update. Our team did not complete this part of the client and it will be included in future updates.

If you would like to remove this FPS counter from appearing, just follow these steps:

- Go into the Game Pigeon client.

- Click on your user name at the top right of the client. This will bring up a drop down menu with many options.

- Select "Settings" from here and it should open a new tab.

- Click on the category "Advanced" in the top right of this window.

- There should be a checkbox that says "Enable FPS counter". Uncheck this to disable it.

How to Fix the Problem if Your Downloaded Game Pigeon is Not Working?

- Delete the client and any updates to Game Pigeon.

- Download the client again.

- Run the client and it should update itself to the latest version.

- Enter your user name and password.

- The client should now work as intended.

What is the Difference Between Game Pigeon, Steam and FluffyChicken?

Game Pigeon: A third party open-source game store and achievement manager that works with Steam and other DRM platforms to provide achievements and cloud storage for games.

Steam: A DRM platform and digital storefront where games can be purchased, downloaded and played.

FluffyChicken: Another achievement manager that works with Steam to sync your achievements.

Why Can't I Download Games Pigeon FluffyChicken?

Game Pigeon and FluffyChicken work together. Part of the reason that we do not have a standalone version of FluffyChicken yet is because we want to focus on bringing you Game Pigeon. Rest assured, once the new client is done, there will be an in-game update for FluffyChicken.

What games can I play with Game Pigeon?

Game Pigeon works with any game that has achievements on Steam. So most of them will work. However, there are some exceptions such as MMO's and other games that use custom DRM.


Game Pigeon has been around for quite some time now. But like before, it is not intended to replace Steam. Instead, it provides an alternative user experience that focuses on providing value rather than selling its features. We hope you enjoyed our article and found it useful.

If you have anymore questions about Game Pigeon, leave them below and we'll make sure to answer them. Thanks for reading!


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